Customer Care

If you have any inquiries or comments please reach out to us via instant messaging on our webpage, Facebook or Instagram profile. You should receive a response within 1 day. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Our products do not come from regular websites. We source everything from verified wholesalers in order to provide the best quality.

Privacy & Safety

All of your personal data, including your payment information is only used to complete the purchase. Credit card information is never stored on our website without your consent and the checkout provides a secure payment page. All confirmed orders are sent via email. Please, if you do not receive a purchase receipt contact us immediately so we can send one quickly.

Your name and address is only used to create a shipping label in order to send the products purchased, unless you decide to create a member account.

Your email address is used as a subscriber form and you may opt out at any moment from receiving our emails and offers. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- ATH Móvil Business: /EunoiaBoutique